About Us

We’re a friendly, family neighbourhood grocery + lifestyle store located in Toronto’s historic west-end neighbourhood, Baby Point.

We opened our doors in 2017 and we're a growing alternative to big-box shopping. Competitive and fairly-priced, we're proving shopping local builds stronger, healthier communities. And combined with our strong environmental bent (see below), you'll discover why we're a fun, enjoyable and caring place to shop!

  • All our products are curated with love. We do extensive research and don't sell just anything.
  • We offer affordable refill options on shampoos & conditioners, laundry & dishwashing detergent, hand and dish soap, olive oil, and other body care products.
  • We are sustainable and care about the environment.
  • We only use paper bags, never plastic.
  • Our walls are painted using recycled paint, our fridges are energy efficient and generate enough heat to keep our store warm in the winter (in fact, we've had our landlord turn off the heating)
  • We are members of the Better Way Alliance and are advocates for sustainable wages and a greener future.
  • We support Canadian artists, entrepreneurs and producers.
  • We stock many locally made products and items that have appeared on the Canadian show, Dragon's Den.
  • We maintain an inventory that is 70% Canadian.
  • All our greeting cards are by Canadian illustrators.
  • We are the first retailer in Canada to offer a 'Happy Hour,' drawing attention to the issue of food waste (Happy Hour includes free giveaways and heavy discounts on food approaching their best before day or slightly thereafter - every Thursday, from 5 – 6 pm).
  • We are competitive and, in many cases, better priced than large big box stores.
  • We are a safe and happy space. We are LGBT+ positive.

Canary & Fox was launched by Dipesh Shah and is lovingly supported by his wife  and young son (Avi Shah). Dipesh has over 20 years of senior-level work experience in technology, marketing and project management. As the corporate world was soul-sucking, he gave it all up to pursue his childhood dream of being a local shopkeeper.