Various cleaning tools - broom, mop, sponge, brush, and disinfectant bottle.

Our Safety Measures in Response to Covid-19

We’re working very hard to keep our store open while keeping our customers, community, staff, and families safe.

You may have noticed we’ve currently reduced our retail store hours from noon - 5pm everyday. This allows us time to offer home deliveries before noon and after 5pm, restrict store visits to quick ones, and allow for larger supplier deliveries outside these current retail hours.

Of course, we’re very happy to serve customers in–store*** – and to keep everyone safe, it’s essential we limit the number of customers in the store, maintain the recommended 2 metres between each other, and limit physical handling/touching of products (we’re happy to reach and pull items).

Specifically, we’ve set up a plexi-shield, separating customers and the check out counter, we disinfect all handles, counters, & payment terminals including the entrance door knob, and we wash our hands after each customer interaction.

Remember, you can order online 24/7 with a free pick-up option or alternatively, we’re happy to deliver (a small fee applies).

Most importantly, thank you for supporting us, our business, and each other. We’ll soon overcome :)

*** Please do not visit if you have recently travelled, are under quarantine, self-isolating, and/or are ill. Please stay home and order online.

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